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The Beatles Rock Band: A band that deserved an epic game design effort

The Beatles arguably the greatest band to ever have formed deserved an epic video game if one was ever going to be designed in their name. So the guys at Harmonix Music Systems had their work cut out. But then again with titles such as Guitar Hero, Dance Central and the original Rockband series behind them they had the confidence to take up the batton and storm to that gold medal finish with a sublime delivery on game production that i’m sure put a big smile on Paul Mccartney and Ringo Starr’s face’s.

So let’s take a look at this beautifully electric rock game in more depth.


Taking A Closer Look

Whether or not you enjoy music games or not, it is a fact that their rise to popularity in recent times has been meteoric, facilitated by the development of unique input technology that takes the form of smaller, more manageable musical instruments that allow an authentic musical experience. Many cannot stand this kind of game, though the popularity of them makes it obvious that many more have the opposite opinion.

You’ve got Guitar Hero for the aspiring (if not at all serious) guitarist and Rocksmith for the more serious learner, but no game can hope to offer the more rewarding and complete experience that Rock Band serves up for its players. With Rock Band, you can team up with friends and assume the roles of the entire band simultaneously, but The Beatles Rock Band is a step up from the relatively ordinary Rock Band experience, taking you through the band’s career and immersing you in nothing but Beatles for the entire length of the game. So how does the experience live up to the hype? This review will hopefully enlighten you on how and why this is probably the best Rock Band experience for fans of the Beatles and musical history in general.


Far from Guitar Hero and Rocksmith’s relatively restricted foray into the musical sphere, The Beatles Rock Band invites you to fill the shoes of all four of the most famous and arguably greatest musicians ever to exist. The mechanics haven’t changed one bit, so don’t go expecting anything out of the ordinary on this front. You’ve got the usual format of notes flying down the guitar neck in the middle of the screen for each of the instruments, with the notes themselves being the only variation. You simply have to hit/strum your instruments on the right note as they cross the line at the bottom of the screen. More correct notes equals cheers and more points; missed notes equals boos, embarrassment, and eventual failure. It’s quite nifty that the difficulty of the instruments can be toggled separately in order to make the game fairer for less experienced gamers or those that aren’t as musically inclined as some.

Forget the tried and tested Rock Band format however, because although it is solid and as entertaining as ever, it isn’t what makes The Beatles Rock Band unique. What differentiates this game from all other musical offerings is the nature of its structure, which follows The Beatles from their beginning to their rise to fame, touching upon the most important moments in their career and performing songs in the real-life venues that they actually played. You’ll rock the Ed Sullivan Theater with A Hard Day’s Night for example, and in 1967 you will make it to the famous Abbey Road Studios sessions and lay down musical history here as well. There isn’t any other game in the world that can give die-hard Beatles fans this sort of perspective on the rise and rise of the Beatles, (not even outrageous flash-based music games like Riff master )making The Beatles Rock Band unique in what it offers musicians and fans of the band alike.

Even the presentation of each of the members of The Beatles is quite impressive, with all of the mannerisms of each of the band captured quite perfectly, from the way they move on the stage to how they handle their instruments. Their likeness is very impressive and adds to the authenticity of the experience (if you needed anything more authentic than an officially-licensed Beatles game). With the presentation, gameplay, and incredible storyline progression taken into account, it is difficult not to rate this game highly because it ticks almost every box you can think of in terms of what musical games have to offer. Though there may have been a few missing songs in the original release, downloadable content (DLC) offers the player even more songs to download which expanded the game and also corrected these omissions as well. The Beatles Rock Band is ideal for fans of the music game franchise and the band that it follows, so there’s no reason not to buy this if you are even the slightest bit interested in this sort of thing.